Basic Information about Water Flow Meters


The purpose of a water flow meter device is to measure the flow of liquid. It is also an important device that facilitates the measurement of the quantity of liquid that flows through the pipes. Most industrial and domestic areas generally install these devices so they can measure accurately the flow of the water. These devices also help to identify if there are leakages of water in the pipeline.

Variable area flowmeters is basically classified into velocity meter and the displacement water meter. There is another kind of water flow meter called the compound meter that is a special combination of both the displacement and the velocity meters. Be informed that there are other types of these water flow meters aside from the two mentioned, and they are composed of different features and corresponding prices.

Today, analogue meters are commonly used, aside from the digital meters with features of higher in precision level and efficiency. The different techniques therefore of flow meters are mainly intended to calculate and measure the flow of water. The digital devices that are commonly used include the ultrasonic and magnetic devices which have the feature to measure the flow of liquids in a precise manner.

These water flow meters operate based on some mechanisms, like obtaining precise measurements by placing the meters near to the feed lines. These devices then would measure the flow of liquid, and the calculated results are sent to the database or displayed accurately on the meters.

The purpose of the velocity meter is to measure the velocity and converts it into the volume of water through the use of different mechanisms. There are different kinds of velocity meters and these are the magnetic meters, ultrasonic, propeller, multi-jet and turbine meters. Since these meters can measure the flow of large volume of water, these are used in big industrial settings and factories.

Reading of water flow meters are measured in cubic feet or inches and could change based on its specifications, with straight and circular registers where readings are displayed. Each register contains a series of numbers that are used to compute the usage of water efficiently. Nowadays, many wide ranges of flow meters are available in reliable stores and outlets, both online and physical dealers. At affordable price rates, these devices can be easily bought with each having distinctive features like corrosion proof, strength and ability to withstand climate changes.


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