The Different Kinds of Flow Meters And Their Advantages


The tools in measuring the consumption are called the water flow meters. This is the tool that is capable of measuring the complete amount of water employed by several sources via diverse methods. These water flow meters are designated in particular points so water leakages can be identified.

Even supposing that modern technology has made it possible for people to invent different kinds of flow meters, there are two major types of flow meters which are generally employed everywhere known as the velocity meter and the positive displacement meter. The compound meters on the other hand, are devices that bring the features of the two major types of water flow meters together. These devices essentially employ a valve mechanism which leads the water flow in these meters, this way, the readings from these devices can be obtained easily and quickly.

When it comes to positive displacement meters, these devices contain a small chamber that keeps a precise volume of water. Then, the flow of water is going to be measured and will be compared to the volume of water that was previously held in the small chamber. The water’s flow rate will be calculated as well by means of determining the number of times the small chamber was filled and was emptied. These are the kinds of instruments normally found in apartments and in homes for the reason that it is perfect for calculating low flow rate.

When it comes to velocity meters, these are the devices which can determine the speed of the flow of water and then translate this in to the volume of the water flow. There are diverse mechanisms being employed by these machines when measuring the velocity as well as translating the obtained data. A number of the most generally used meters consist of the venture, ultrasonic, magnetic, multi-jet, propeller meters, orifice, and so on. Every single one device measures the speed of the flow. It is somewhat perfect for high flow areas, that is why businesses that are using large flow of liquids chose to make use of velocity water water meter.

There are two types of systems available for ultrasonic flow meter clamp on display and they are the circular types and the straight types. Nearly all of the regular meters consist of circular registers that are somewhat intricate to calculate. It makes use of a series of dials that is why the water usage can be calculated using a sequence of numbers.


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